From The Winter 1997 Issue

Spirituality has become a hot topic in the popular media, but what are the roots and sources of a genuine "spiritual life?" And how does one pursue a spiritual quest when the very words "spirit" and "spirituality" mean so many different things to so many different people, and often seem so difficult to define, especially in this age of science? The answers to these questions are neither simple nor easy. CrossCurrents editors have put together a remarkable collection of ground breaking articles setting the stage for a more thoughtful approach to the issues involved. If you are interested in exploring the frontiers of spirituality, and are willing to invest some time, energy, and imagination doing so, you'll find our Winter issue well worth a visit.

Spiritualities in a Post-Einsteinian Universe
Nancy M. Malone, Cross Currents, Co-Editor

Feature Articles:

Praying in a Post-Einsteinian Universe
David Toolan

The Shapes of Spirit in Life and Intellectual Experience
A mini-forum:
four CrossCurrents advisory board members share
personal reflections on the spiritual quest.

Good Religion, Spirituality and African Americans
Harold Dean Trulear

Spirituality for Passionate and Rapidly Changing Times
Carolyn M. Craft

Spirituality in a World of "Fields within Fields within Fields..."
Eugene Fontinell

Exodus: My Spiritual Map
Carol Ochs

Asian Social Engagement and the Future of Buddhism
Donald W. Mitchell

for Nicholas newborn
by Dabney Stuart